Best Free Anti-Virus for windows, Best 5 free antivirus

Best 5 Free Anti-Virus For Your PC

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If you are reading this article, you must be wondering like many others out there which anti-virus is best for your PC. Because anti-virus programs have become mandatory software for your machine running safely and smoothly. So nowadays people start taking cyber security more seriously and which they should. Everyday […]

how to download your facebook data- analystmind

How To Download Facebook Data

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Social media giant Facebook has been in the news lately for various wrongs especially for the Cambridge Analytica scandal. It was such huge blow for Facebook that the social media giant has lost it’s 12 percent of stock value since this news got published and #deletefacebook has been trending on […]

Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards: Buy Paid Applications & Games For Free

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In today’s digital era, a vast majority of smartphone users are Android user especially in a country like India & among this Android users, it’s a very common practice to download a paid apps or games for free through some third party marketplace or apps store. So, if I say now […]