Google Opinion Rewards

In today’s digital era, a vast majority of smartphone users are Android user especially in a country like India & among this Android users, it’s a very common practice to download a paid apps or games for free through some third party marketplace or apps store. So, if I say now it’s possible to get paid apps and games for free (read: legally) through Google Play Store using Google Opinion Rewards. So, let’s not waste any time & directly jump into the details.

What Is Google Opinion Rewards???

It’s a Google survey app which was launched way back in 2013. So you must be wondering why am I writing about it now. It’s because Google has finally launched this app in India and two more countries: Turkey and Singapore. This app lets user participate in a few survey and get Google Play credits by answering some easy questions or sharing your opinion. The rewards for completing these surveys starts from Rs. 10 and the maximum for per survey are $1 according to Google which loosely converts to Rs. 65 although Google did not mention anything about maximum rewards in regards to Indian money. Although users can not exchange the credits for money but rather the credits can be used for downloading the paid apps and games through playstore. According to Google the expiry of your credits is 1 year from the date of your most recently completed survey. The good thing is that it won’t get expired as long as you keep participating in their surveys.

Get Started!!!

Google Opinion Rewards
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So, How to get this app??? Simply go to your Google playstore and search for Google Opinion Rewards( Link is in the description below). Then install the app and start participating in the surveys. According to me, anybody will be able to answer the questions which are very mundane & easy in nature. Those questions are like: What is your favorite destination, What is your favorite logo. You got the idea. Right??? So what are you waiting for??? So start participating and keep downloading paid apps & games for free. All the best 🙂