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Social media giant Facebook has been in the news lately for various wrongs especially for the Cambridge Analytica scandal. It was such huge blow for Facebook that the social media giant has lost it’s 12 percent of stock value since this news got published and #deletefacebook has been trending on other various social media.

But the only silver lining we can think out of this whole mess is that it brought our attention to the data we have been sharing knowingly or unknowingly through facebook and it’s various app services and how Facebook has been careless with our user data.

So what is Cambridge Analytica Scandal?

This whole matter is very complicated and has different explanations for it. I will try to be as simple and objective as I can be.

A researcher named Aleksander Kogan developed a personality-quiz app for facebook in June 2014. It was very similar like Psychometric app developed by Cambridge University Laboratory where Kogan used to work. More than 250000 people installed Kogan’s app. But like any other app Kogan could access its users data and even their friends’ data. Later, Kogan provided those data containing information about 50 million people which was stored in his private database to the voter profiling company called Cambridge Analytica.

So should we be worried?

Let’s be honest here, we all access or install various apps like “How you gonna look after 5o years later”, “How you gonna die”, “What is the meaning of your name” etc. while scrolling through our Facebook feed.  These apps can access our personal data like friendlist, about us and beyond that. Even there are lots of apps like Tinder, Udemy, Spotify, Ganna and many more apps allow user to login throgh Facebook credentials. So many third party app developers get access to these data. You must be wondering how much data Facebook has on you… So lets dig deeper and find out.

So how you gonna access & download your Facebook data?

Log in to your Facebook account. Go to Settings. Under General tab you will find a link “download a copy of your Facebook data.” After clicking on that link you u will be greeted by this screen shown below.


How to download your facebook data
Create File Of Your Facebook Data


It will ask you to create the file. I would suggest you to create the file in HTML format. It will take few minutes more or less to create the file. Download the file. It will be downloaded as zip file. Now extract the zip file in a seperate folder. You will be amazed to see how much data Facebook has on you. For example, it has data about website you visits, the pages, apps you liked. The whole contact you have on you phone even your personal messages and much more. So guys do you think is it violation of your privacy or Facebook has been careless?

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