WordPress Site Crashed white screen of death

A crashed WordPress site is an absolute nightmare for any website owner, blogger. In the case of WordPress website It’s called “white screen of death”. So, what is the “white screen of death”? Basically, your live site, your admin area display completely blank page. So you can’t log in your page as admin or as a visitor, making it impossible to resolve the problem from admin area. Mostly, plugins are the main culprits here. Usually, it happens after installing a new plugin. So, the simple solution of it is to uninstall that particular plugin. But how can you uninstall that plugin if you are not able to log-in your admin area? There are a few things you can do to fix this issue. So without further ado lets jump into that.

There are few tutorials telling you that move the theme or delete the plugin or restore from backup or even uninstall the whole WordPress. I am not saying they are wrong. In fact, they are right in a way but the limitation over here that you can take these steps only if you are able to login to your admin panel/dashboard and that is the main issue here and that’s why you are reading this tutorial. Let’s address the elephant in the room.

Restore crashed wordpress website

1.FTP Access

The best solution to resolve this problem is to get into your hosting account through FTP so that you can access all your files and delete that particular plugin. But it requires a little bit of technical knowledge and sometimes it’s a little bit tough especially for beginners. Be cautious when you are deleting any file or folder because if u delete wrong file or folder it will cause you more problem. So, I would suggest you not to take this step until or unless you know what you are doing. But, having said that this is the best practice to resolve this kind of issue.

2. Magic Solution 😉

you will be amazed to know while you are panicking that you can’t access the WordPress admin panel/dashboard, there is the easiest solution few clicks away in your browser. Try to delete browsing history, cookies, cache from your browser or go to the incognito mode/private mode of your browser and try to login in form there and 90% of the time it will resolve the issue and you can log in to your dashboard/admin panel. Now you can delete the particular plugin. If it does not resolve the problem follow the first solution since it is the best practice.

Few Tips

After resolving the problem backup your whole website. Only install good plugins and theme having good reviews and popularity. Cheers.