one of a kind and the last superstar hrithik roshan, The last superstar, Hrthik Roshan

In the beginning of new millennium Indian Box office witnessed the Tsunami called Hrithik Roshan. He becomes overnight sensation- “The Phenomenon” around the country and since then he has been ruling at the Indian Box office. Today we are going to analyze the massive superstardom of Hrithik Roshan and as our title of this article implies, what makes him the one of a kind superstar of Indian cinema.

Reason #1: He is the one and only superstar of his generation

In the year 2000 Hrithik bursted into the indian cinema with his debut movie “kaho na pyaar hai” as leading hero which was a massive box office success and established him as bonafied superstar. In that year and following years many other heros, actors from bollywood family and people outside of filmy background debuted as leading man in hindi cinema but nobody achieved the superstarstom like Hrithik which makes him the face and the only superstar of his generation after the 90’s generations.

Reason #2: Hrithik changed the concept of commercial hero in India forever

In the 90’s era, the way indian audience used to perceive the hindi commercial hero was very different than now. Hindi film’s hero used to be typecast which they were partially to be blamed for. But with the entrance of Hrithik Roshan, he showed the indian audience a indian film hero can do everything from action to romance , from dance to intense acting and needless to say his terrific dancing skill that inspires the whole upcoming generations. He is regarded as one of the most complete hero India has ever seen and still regarded as king of dance in Hindi cinema. Once during an interview Mr. Rishi Kapoor said n I quote him here “Hrithik raised the standard of acting in this industry”

Reason #3: Hrithik is the only one who become superstar from his first movie

During the history of Hindi film industry we have seen many hero debuted with many superhit movies but some got faded away with times passing by and very few went onto become the superstars especially the Khans trio.  Ok, let’s dig deep into this analysis.

Rajesh Khanna is regarded as the first superstar of India cinema? You may ask why since there were many great actors before Rajesh Khanna like Asok Kumar, Shammi Kapoor, Raj Kapoor, Dev Anand, Dilip Kumar. It’s because Rajesh Khanna achieved massive superstardom and a devoted fan base and crazy fan following during his career. Same goes with the Khans. But No one gained huge craze and loyal fan following from his first movie like Hrithik Roshan. For example, King Sharukh Khan gained his superstardom especially after blockbuster hit DDLJ. Our favorite rockstar bhaijaan Salman khan gained his massive fan following mainly after mammoth hit movie called “Hum Aapke Hai Kaun”. Our beloved Mr. Perfectionist Amir Khan gained his superstar tag after superhit and critically acclaimed movie “Rangeela”. Although they all debuted with superhit movies and gained their fair share of fan following. But those previously mentioned movies were their gateway of superstardom. Even after 30 years, the khan Trios are ruling at the box office. But in the case of Hrithik Roshan, he gained superstardom and crazy-loyal fan following overnight with his very first movie. He created mass hysteria around the country. Just imagine a guy who debuted more or less 10years after the Khans, was being compared with the mighty Khans, and not only being compared but it was also being said that he is an ultimate challenger and new ruler of Indian box. Nowadays, people become internet sensation overnight but their popularity fades away within days or weeks but with Hrithik Roshan, when there was no social media, no internet like now, not so much promotion, even then the whole Hrithik-Mania stayed for several months and beyond. Hrithik reportedly received 30000 marriage proposals. Boys wanted to be look like him, dance like him, talk like him, walk like him, dress like him and girls wanted to be with him. The crazy Hrithik-fever spread like a wildfire among Indian movie lovers and if you were old enough back then in 2000, you would understand what I am saying. Personally I think with the arrival of Hrithik, India and indian audience as a whole witnessed something which was unprecedented and never seen before and personally I don’t think it will ever be repeated again. As a result, Hrithik is the only actor who won the best debut and best actor award on Filmfare in the very same year.

Reason #4: He has almost zero haters from any major fan-group

Hrithik does not have any haters from any fan-group except Kangana Ranaut’s fans mainly because of his humble and down to earth nature. He has good relationship with his every colleague in the industry. For example, He is the neighbour of superstar Akshay “The Khilaadi” Kumar and they both share warm relationship with each other and besides that their respective wives Twinkle and Sussan are friends in real life and they are all seen together quite often and post their usual Sunday brunch pictures over social media sites. Hrithik shares same kind of relationship with his “rival”(mainly media created since Hrithik’s debut) SRK.  They even starred together in blockbuster K3G. Today they consider each other family friends since their wives are business partner and friends at the same time. Hrithik shares very warm relationship with Salman Khan also. Bhaijaan helped Hrithik in body-building during his debut movie and since then they consider each other very close friends. Hrithik shares very cordial relation with Aamir khan too and they have this mutual respect for each others work since they are both considered as perfectionists. As a result, audience across the fanbase appreciate Hrithik as well which is very rare in the case of superstars.

Reason #5 Hrithik is a risk taker and experimental

Apart from being a superstar, Hrithik is also known for his versatility and his risk-taking approach when it comes to his movies. Since his debut movie kaho na pyaar hai, he has been very experimental with his movie choices, to say the least. We will take a very brief journey to his filmography to establish this point. After the monstrous hit “Kaho na pyaar hai” Hrithik plays a negative role of a terrorist in his following films “Fiza” & “Mission Kashmir” in the same year 2000. Playing grey shade characters and that too in his debut year especially after gaining overnight superstardom, that shows Hrithik’s hunger for the character-driven roles in movies and not mentioning the fact that during that period of Indian cinema no leading hero would wish to play the role of a terrorist. In “Fiza” and “Mission Kashmir” Hrithik’s acting got critically acclaimed. Then Hrithik starred in many not so successful romantic movies. Everyone started thinking, may be the superstardom of Hrithik Roshan was on brink of an end, suddenly he came up with another banger called “Koi Mil gaya” in which he plays the role of a specially challenged boy. That movie got huge opening in the indian box office that proves his star power and become the biggest blockbuster of that year. Critics starts calling him the best actor of his generation and “Koi Mil Gaya” becomes the turning of his career. After the success of “Koi mil gaya” Hrithik gets his confidence in doing experimental and character-oriented movies like “Lakshya”, “Zodha Akbar”, “Guzzaarish” and many more. “Lakshya”, “Zodha Akbar”, “Guzzaarish” are among his cult movies. He starred in “Zodha Akbar” as the character of emperor Akbar when the Indian movie industry was apprehensive about making epic period drama. This bold steps of playing Akbar proves to be a very successful venture as “Zodha Akbar” becomes one of his critically acclaimed and blockbuster of his career. Hrithik takes this challenge one notch higher by playing a role of paralyzed magician Ethan Macherehnus in “Guzzaarish”. The whole movie revolves around a topic like Euthanasia and remains the only movie in hindi cinema till now that deal with this kind of subject. After watching “Guzzaarish”, Akshay Kumar famously said that he might be senior of Hrithik in the industry but in terms of acting, Hrithik is senior to him. Apart from starring in all these “hatke” movies, he has already given 2 back to back huge blockbuster movies “Krrish” followed by “Dhoom2” in the year of 2006. In Dhoom2, we were first introduced with the perfect thief Mr. A, played by none other than Mr. Hrithik Roshan. He nailed the character of Mr. A. He showed us how to play this kind of ultra glamarous, super-stylized character effortlessly. Still today Hrithik is considered as the best thief of the whole Dhoom series. He created Hrithik-mania again with this character of Mr. A and remain the only perfect thief that we won’t mind seeing again in the next “Dhoom” sequel. But fortunately, we will be seeing Hrithik in similar kind of stylized avatar in his next movie called “War” releasing on 2nd October 2019. Hrithik’s last movie “Super 30” was also critically acclaimed, superhit one based on the life of a mathematician Anand Kumar Sir. The casting of Hrithik as a Bihari mathematician Anand Kumar met with the obvious controversy due to Hrithik’s Greek-God persona. But after watching “Super 30” even his harshest critics become his fans. Hrithik’s portrayal of Anand Kumar made so-called “critics” chew their own words. He is also one of the lead stars of India’s first road trip movie “Zindegi na Milegi Dobara”. The burden of this whole movie based on his shoulder in terms of star power. The super success of that movie added a golden feather to his hat and now “ZNMD” is considered as one of the milestone movies in Indian cinema. Hrithik is the face of “Krissh”, the only successful superhero movie franchise where many other movies are made in this genre but failed. You may like or may not like “Krissh” but you can not deny the popularity & box-office success of “Krissh” in India. Probably, he is the only one who successfully amalgamates the craft and the body-language of a superhero in his “Krrish” franchise and at the same time, he is equally convincing in the role of an aimless youngster in the movie “Lakshya”, directed by Farhan Akhtar. Although “Lakshya” was not a financial success story at Indian box-office but it has earned cult status over the years. “Lakshya” also features an iconic song “Main aisa kyun hoon” in which Hrithik captures the true essence of his character so elegantly with every beat of that song. Though not acted in many movies he never ceases to amaze us whenever he comes up with a new character in new movies and his last movie has always been different than his previous one.

Reason #6 He is the Last Superstar till now

During a press meet, Varun Dhawan is asked by a journalist why bollywood did not produce a superstar after Hrithik Roshan. To which Varun gives his explanation & reasons and admits that yes he definitely thinks that Hrithik Roshan is the last superstar that we have. It’s been almost 20 years since Hrithik has debuted in 2000 but no one after him has achieved the superstardom the way Hrithik has. He Has been constantly compared with the 90’s superstars, likes of khans, Akshay Kumar, Ajay Devgan despite being launched after almost 10years compared to them. Last decade Hrithik has given only one flop film and that too is “Mohenjodaro” where he is the only best thing about that movie. We are not saying that nobody will achieve the superstardom but on the contrary, we firmly believe that over the past few years Bollywood has produced many promising leading stars like Shahid Kapoor, Ranbir Kapoor, Ranveer Singh, Varun Dhawan, Tiger Shroff who have the potential of being next big thing after Hrithik Roshan. But the truth of the matter is, he is the biggest and probably the last superstar at least for now. He holds and commands the same amount of gravitas and respects like 90’s superstar in the Indian movie industry and he is the last one of that big superstar league.  Once again we will be witnessing his massive star power on 2nd October because it’s declared “War” day at the Indian box office.