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In this article, I am going to discuss what kind of WordPress plugins you should avoid installing. Because there are several plugins that are bad for your WordPress site in so many aspects. These plugins can crash your website instantly after installing and it will display “white screen of death“. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

Security Plugins

I would not recommend this kind of plugins. Because these plugins cause additional vulnerabilities if they are not updated and sometimes can lock you out of your website due to some ridiculous bugs. So, rather use some strong and long password combination instead of using “password1234” and don’t use “admin” as username. Most people get hacked because of their poor choice of username and password combination.

Cache Plugins

What is the cache plugin? As its name suggests, these plugins are supposed to save the cache files to speed up the loading time of your website for the users. There are lots of cache plugins in WordPress, but the thing is that most of them are complicated to set-up & use and rests don’t make any difference. Sometimes, these plugins can mess up with the theme of your website, even break your website completely. So, I would recommend you to use WordPress managed hosting which uses caching on the server level to help your website to load faster. Remember, installing too many unnecessary plugins can slow your website to load.

Backup Plugins

I would suggest you not to install these plugins either. Backup plugins usually slow down your website and you don’t need backup plugins to backup your website. You can do this manually, the option given by your hosting company. Use managed WordPress hosting to restore your files and database since most of them back-up your website for 90days or you can contact the customer support of your hosting company and they will guide you to recover your website.

Bundle Package plugins

You must be wondering what bundle package plugins are? Actually, these plugin refers to those plugins that come with lots of different plugins for different usage. Jetpack plugin is one of the most popular examples of it. I am not saying Jetpack plugin is bad but presently it is not as good as it used to be. It comes with a lot of plugins for different functions and features that you need to install separately. So if you are a beginner or are not sure how to use it and when to use it, then I would recommend you to not install it.

The golden rule is, It’s better not installing many plugins than installing too many plugins without having proper knowledge of it.